Angry Birds Friends Apk v8.9.1 Information And Method To Use For Android

It gives the recognition of being an amazing best player. Compete with each other in this game. You can reach the top of the leaderboard by playing this game. this is a PvP.We on our site start Android the latest v8.9.1 of Angry Birds Friends Apk for Information and Use, Unlimited Coins, Money, FC! .

Angry Birds Friends Apk v8.9.1 Free On Android

Google Play Store  By Angry Birds Friends Apk  Size 89.07 MB

You can get complete information about Angry Birds Friends game for free. And you can know its status.

Angry Birds Rio game is based on a cartoon Rio.
In this game Angry Birds has been considered a popular part of projects about other Fakshi angry in Rio.
It was once joined in action Friends D Janeiro.
New ideas have been added to the game in Angry Birds Friends game with special skills, color space, and more.
The Angry Birds Friends game has added over 300 new levels.

Introduction To Angry Birds Friends Apk

We will introduce you to the Angry Birds Friends game. And you will tell all its information to the people.

The Angry Birds Friends game was released on 2 May 2013. The creator of this game is Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The category of this game is Arcade.

This game does not require an internet connection. Can also play it offline.

Angry Birds Rio game is a wonderful game. Where does it live an action game.
You can play this game for free. This game is sent to Friends by capturing the favorite fountain favorite of all. Then this type of anger happens.

Angry Birds Friends takes the game to a magical city in Janeiro. Then they are able to escape. And they want to save their friends Blue and Jewel. Two rare Macaws and Heat become the stars of the films.Thus, it is an introduction to the Angry Birds Friends game.


Apk Name

Angry Birds Friends

Apk Current  Version v8.9.1
Apk Updated On 3 Jul, 2020
Apk Downloads Size 89.07 MB
Apk Released On 2 May, 2013
Apk Category Arcade
Apk Downloads 50,000,000+ Downloads
Apk Offered By Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Apk Developer By Contacts

How To Get Angry Birds Friends Apk

Google Play Store  By Angry Birds Friends Apk  Size 89.07 MB

We will show you the easy way to download Angry Birds Friends game by which you can download all types of forms of this game.

To download the unofficial form, you can download it from the link of any website.

To download Angry Birds Friends official form, we will show you the easy way by which you can easily download.
We will tell you people to download from google play store.
First of all, you have to search by typing Angry Birds Friends in the search box of Google Play Store. Then this game comes in front of you. Then you have to click this game. Then an Installed button comes in it. This install button has to be clicked. Then your game starts downloading. And after some time this game is downloaded and Installing automatically. In this way it comes in your mobile phone.
In the same way you can download the Angry Birds Friends game.

How To Start Or Play Angry Birds Friends Apk

If you want to play Angry Birds Friends game for the first time then follow the rules mentioned by us.
Yes, you will tell people about playing this game.
This game does not require an internet connection when you do it for the first time
It is loading in front of you for some time. Then in front of you, the logo of the play button that plays some video is visible, clicking it can start the game.
In this, you get 4 angry birds together in one place by pulling a rope and go to other imprisoned birds and break and save other birds. This is how this game works. There are too many levels in this game

In Angry Birds Friends game you get a lot of lockers which you can open by playing further in the game.

In this game the main thing is to free the captured birds. In this game some birds are kept captive. And the survivors try to rescue the other birds with good temper.This way you can play this game easily

What’s More In The Angry Birds Friends Apk

  • The Angry Birds Friends game is also excellent humor. Its gameplay remains even more interesting and exciting.
    The Spectacular Boss of this game fights. In this, birds should always be skillfully prepared for examination.


  • Angry Birds Friends game includes 400+ fun levels.
    Filled with 12+ episodes, 72+ action-packed bonus levels are included.In this game you get a lot of level series. Out of which you should find all types of unlocked bonus levels. And the thing hidden in it should be found.


  • This game requires an internet connection when you have to transfer data.Angry Birds Rio game power status can turn your bird’s juice, power potion into a bird with a devastating giantThe game is intended for social networking for decades older than 13 years.
    This game can be played up to a thousand levels.

What Is The Specialty Of Angry Birds Friends Apk

  • Whatever the main features of Angry Birds Friends game, you will now tell people about the whole situation.
  • Can imprison for a long time in this game.
  • Carnival mood, bright colors.
  • Favorite character Angry Birds Friends Excellent choice to pass the time.
  • Advertise Rovi Products.
  • Shop for these apps.
  • Angry Birds always signs up to pay the bill in Rio game.
  • 3d graphics.
  • These are the main features of this game.

What’s In The New Version Of Angry Birds Friends Apk

  • Whatever has come in the new version of Angry Birds Friends game, we will tell you easily.
  • It has some pesky insects popping it.
  • The cave is also smooth now.
  • Bug fixed.
  • Angry Birds Rio sound music are very good.
  • Its landscape 3d graphics remain good.
  • Angry Birds Friends Apk In Made some minor improvements.

Angry Birds Friends Apk Asks Yor For Permission

                • receive data from Internet
                • view network connections
                • Google Play license check
                • full network access

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