TikTok Apk v99.3.5 Information And Method To Use For Android

This is an amazing short video maker TikTok application. In it you can watch all the exciting, and real videos for mobile video. It has developed very much as a social media.We on our site start Android,latest v99.9.6 of TikTok Apk to Information, Use Unlimited fans,followers,hearts,shares,likes,Ad Free.

TikTok Apk v16.3.5 Free On Android

Google Play Store    By TikTok Apk       Size 64.04 Mb

TokTok is a short form video making app, it has become one of the world’s entertainment apps. It is special in this that you can make short videos with music. It has also become a type of social media app. The app has grown to over 100 million monthly users. We make it easy for you to create and find your own awesome videos by collecting fun and memorable times to share with the world.

TikTok takes your videos to the next level with special effects filters, fun stickers, music and more. In TikTok you can take a personalized video feed exclusively for you that you can watch. TikTok will adapt to your selfishness to offer the most relevant, interesting, funny, bizarre, head-turning videos based on when you like and share it, so you never want to stop watching it in interesting and fun. Facility is also coming, due to which and it is becoming popular, it is popular because in this you can create and upload your video so that you can also be popular With demonstrate their art and will be more famous, and thus is TikTok, running. This is TikTok.

Introduction To TikTok Apk

It has developed into an entertainment one in the world.
The TikTok app was created  And Released On 14 September 2015. TikTok Inc. made it. The category of The TikTok is social media. It often has sets set to licensed music from artists and record labels. It is one of the top five apps in India. Its download is increasing. It is an online app that requires internet connection and runs from the internet. It can make a short 30-second video. And can be up to 60 seconds of video. TikTok has a wide variety of options. You can make a lot of entertainment by using these options, you can create and upload videos in TikTok. The application comes with direct access to any music options, songs and sounds. It allows people to create short music videos from anywhere at any time. It has more facilities. Nowadays, TikTok is also becoming friends. In this way it is becoming famous.
The TikTok app is divided into two main feeds. You can also create and share videos in this app.
This is TikTok.


Apk Name


Apk Current  Version v99.3.5
Apk Updated On 1 Jun,  2020
Apk Downloads Size 64.04 MB
Apk Released On September 14 , 2015
Apk Category Sociol
Apk Downloads 500000000+ Downloads
Apk Offered By Tiktok Inc.
Apk Developer By Contacts

How To Get TikTok Apk

Google Play Store    By TikTok Apk       Size 64.04 Mb

To download or to get TikTok, I will tell you the simple way to tell how you can download this app. There are many ways to download it. I will tell you all the ways. To download TikTok, you can download it in two ways, you can download it from the link of the website somewhere or you can also download the Google Play Store.
I will tell you about the Google Play Store. You have to search by typing TikTok in the search box of Google Play Store. After searching, TikTok will appear in front of you and an Installed button will appear in it and you have to click the install button. And you do the quick TikTok will start downloading and will be automatically Installing in your mobile. Once installed you can run one. In this way you can download this app. This is the TikTok app.


How to Start Or Run TikTok Apk

We will tell you the simplest options for people to start or run the TikTok app. Which will make it easier to start the TikTok app. First of all, you have to download the TikTok app or if you already have it, then you can easily start it. This is an online app. It needs an internet connection to start. It operates from the Internet itself. Then you should start internet also. This app starts running as soon as you start internet. When you open this app, lots of short, short videos start coming. You can watch these videos and you will enjoy it so that your time will also pass. The same goes on in this app. To create your video in this app, you have to create an account in TikTok. You can create many documents to create an account.
You can create an account with your email, your phone number or Facebook. After creating an account, you can create an account using a third-party weight form in which an app automatically gives you a username on behalf of the app. .
After your account is created, you get complete relaxation of this app. In which you can make your own video and will be able to create your own followers. In which you can create and share your video. This application is divided into two main feeds. The default is this for you. A dynamically generated stream of videos for the Explore page of Instagram. Swipe bio and you will find other following.
It will see the right of each video and a series of icons. The first one will take you to the profile of why. Which is posted. Then you have a heart that likes hearts on Instagram. After this there are more comments then want to copy different TikTok links on other platforms. Thus TikTok is a never ending show. If you follow the creators in the TikTok app who make you laugh and enjoy
This is the TikTok app.

How To Make Video In TikTok Apk

Making videos in TikTok is very simple and we will show people how to make videos
When you start the TikTok app, you will see 5 buttons at the bottom, in which you will see a plus button in the middle. You should start by clicking on it, then your camera will start and you can make a video in it, you can make many types of videos, if you want, you can also make a video by adding your photo and you will be able to put music on it and videos in it You can also make a video by recording in which you will have a lot of options. To do video editing, you will get a lot of options in this beautician, fitter Security
In this, you will get an upward SONG button to sing music on the recording in which you can add music easily, in this way you can make videos in the TikTok app.

What’s More In The TikTok Apk

  • There is a lot of new in the TikTok app which we will tell you all new things.
    After downloading the TikTok app, you can start browsing videos immediately. And to post any post you have to sign up an account.
    It receives a play of entertainment by creators and a global community.
    Everyone can showcase their incredible talents, precious moments and knowledge on TikTok


  • There is no way to enjoy TikTok with the sound off. And it has five buttons which are at the bottom, first home, search box, plus button, information box, me box, this is the five buttons.
    How to use these buttons
    home. _. It comes with all kinds of videos which is the way home.
    Search box __. In the search box, you can search your favorite profile and watch their video.
    Plus Button _ In this button you can create your own video o You can also share and upload by sharing videos.
    Information box _ This box brings your information
    Me box, _ in this box you can change your account and profile
    You can also change your photo and name in the profile.


  • In TikTok you get an activity video feed exclusively for you to watch. In which you can like and share.
    In this, TikTok gets you customized to taste to present you the most relevant, interesting, funny, bizarre, video.

What is the specialty of TikTok Apk

  • The TikTok app has a lot of features as it has become a social media app, thus it is very much its specialty.
  • In this app, it is used only for 14 year olds.
  • Rather comedy, athletes and even more can be done by Big Brand.
  • Major corporations like Coca _Cola, Nike, ABC, and Google run TikTok Paul advertising campaigns in the TikTok app.
  • You can share your videos in this app and content creators usually use it as a stepping stone for their social media outreach
  • These are the main features of TikTok.

What’s In The New Version Of TikTok

  • There has been some change in the new version of TikTok like I am telling you guys.
  • TikTok has become very popular these days, everyone is talking about it. Check it out. The TikTok app in latest.
  • version includes new security settings for your account.
  • TikTok is engaged in performance improvements to make your viewing experience even better.

The TikTok APK Asks You For Permission


                    • record audio

Wifi connection information

                    •  Wi-Fi connections


                    • read the contents of your USB storage
                    • TikTok Apk In modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

The camera

                    • take pictures and videos


                    • add or remove accounts

Device and application history

                    • retrieve running apps

Photos / media / files

                    • read the contents of your USB storage
                    • TikTok Apk In modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


                    • read your contacts


                    • read Home settings and shortcuts
                    • receive data from Internet
                    • full network access
                    • control vibration
                    • expand / collapse status bar
                    • toggle sync on and off
                    • create accounts and set passwords
                    • change your audio settings
                    • use accounts on the device
                    • install shortcuts
                    • reorder running apps
                    • prevent device from sleeping
                    • View network connections
                    • uninstall shortcuts
                    • control flashlight
                    • run at startup

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