Granny Apk v1.7.3 Information And Method To Use For Android

This game is an amazing player. In this, the sports granny keeps you locked in her house. You should always keep trying to get out of it, which is for you to be careful and calm. In this, granny listens to everything. We on our site start Android the latest v1.7.3 of Granny Apk to Information And Use, God Mode, Everything.

Granny Apk v1.7.3 Free On Android

Google Play Store  By  Granny Apk  Size 104 MB

We can easily tell you all the good information of Granny game. We know this game a long time in advance, we can easily present all its information to you so that you can know how to play all of this game.

Granny game is designed to be played in a very simple way. This mainly involves the player keeping the grandmother locked in a room. Of this, you need to exit the room with careful control. In which you need to avoid hurting grandmother. This is a way players must defend themselves from the mad grandmother to get out of the house, otherwise she kills you with a weapon.

Granny game main character can easily see in bed in the room of the terrible house. This is the old lady always watching the presence of the house in a hunting torrent. So that when she gets a sound of voice or anything, she immediately comes to you and completes the process. In this, the door and keys should be searched carefully and calmly.

Introduction To Granny Apk

We can introduce you to Granny Game. We have already become familiar with this game many days ago, so that we can easily tell its small to big information in front of you. Game features can be presented to you.

The Granny Game was released on 24 November 2017. There is a DVloper who created this game. The category of this game is an Arcade.

The Granny game entails the player escaping from the most dangerous grandmother’s house. In which the player is locked in a dark room. In this you need to search for the door and keys, in this you need to live peacefully and carefully. Otherwise, Grandma will come and kill you with her weapon if she comes to know even a little bit. This is what happens in games.

Granny games can search for hidden doors and other types of rooms that do not need to make noise. It can live up to 5 days to survive in a dangerous house. This game starts you from day one. It requires escaping to meet fate with grandmother. You can easily understand all this introduction of Granny game.

Apk Name


Apk Current  Version V1.7.3
Apk Updated On 18 Apr, 2019
Apk Downloads Size 104 MB
Apk Released On 24 Nov, 2017
Apk Category Arcade
Apk Downloads 100,000,000+ Downloads
Apk Offered By DVloper
Apk Developer By Contacts

How To Get Granny Apk

Google Play Store  By  Granny Apk  Size 104 MB

We will show you the easiest way to get Granny game. With which you can easily download this game, because we have downloaded this game many times, which you can see this easiest way for people to download easily.

To download the unofficial form of Granny game you can download it from any kind of website link.

To download the official version of Granny game you can download it from the Google Play Store. First of all, you have to search by typing Granny in the search box of Google Play Store. Then the game comes in front of you, after clicking it, you see an Installed button in it. The game starts downloading after clicking this button. After some time, this game is downloaded and Installing automatically. Now this game comes in your mobile phone. Granny can download games in this easy way.

How To Start Or Play Granny Apk

We will tell you the easiest way to play Granny game for the first time. With which you can play this game easily. We have played this game many times. Which is the gameplay for you guys to play in the same easy way.

When you start the Granny game for the first time, the first Accept button appears on the mobile screen, after clicking it there is the Play button. After clicking this, Difficulty, Darker, Extalocks, Music, Nightmare And Quality can be changed. And below the mobile screen is the Continue button, after clicking it, again the Continue button comes, after clicking it there is a loading button in the game. The game starts after it is complete.

The main task of the player in Granny game is that you need to find the door and keys in the dark room. In which you should not do voice and other incidents to avoid dangerous grandmother. So that grandmother does not know.

Granny games are very easy to control. It can control on mobile screen only through touch. When the player locked in the dark room by Grandma has a circular shaped icon on the left side of the mobile screen to search for the door and keys to exit. So that you can easily move forward, backward. And one can do the door carefully without sounding. The game similarly needs to be easily controlled.

The Granny game requires you to find the key in the table and drawer before opening the door after being locked in a room in Grandma’s house. If you make a voice in it, then the grandmother immediately comes to know, after this, the grandmother strikes you with a hammer, which can kill you. Granny can play the game similarly easily.

What’s More In The Granny Apk

  • Granny is in the game and whatever. She can listen to Grandma for help in searching for clues to all the objects. After this all things need to be dropped. It requires challenging obstacles to overcome in order to escape the clutches of a grandmother. It should keep trying to play over time. It must use the navigation key to play the game effectively. It is presented to you with a control system on the mobile screen.


  • Granny can search for keys on locked tables and other materials in a closed room to be more careful to play the game. Which requires it to run away from home to use other items. You can run very fast to avoid a dugout. Which requires hiding under the bed safely. It provides music to finance between a variety of ways.


  • The graphics of the Granny game are terrifying with realistic to play graphics. In which the dark night room is presented. It is provided to players to play as a scary game. In which this game has been developed to give horror experience to all devices. It tries to explore the dark night to show the exploration of the atmosphere. The game is presented in the background with a spooky graphics.

What Is The Specialty Of Granny Apk

  • Whatever the specialty of the Granny game. We can easily show you that.
  • In this game Nani is locked up in a dark house.
  • In the Granny game, the player must upgrade to try to get out.
  • This game is meant to be careful and calm, otherwise it can hear everything.
  • It can hear anything falling on the floor and hear it, then it comes running.
  • In Granny games, players can easily hide in wardrobes and under beds to hide.
  • This game is of 5 days.
  • In Granny games the player must keep trying to get out.
  • The gameplay of the player in Granny Game is a horror.

This is always the feature of Granny games.


What’s In The New Version Of Granny Apk

  • Whatever is in the new version of the Granny game. It will come new from the update.
  • It has added game over.
  • Freeze trap mess to fix in Granny games.
  • This game is given a dangerous character to an old woman.
  • In Granny game, navigation has come to you to find the key.
  • The game’s graphics are scary.
  • Granny has adapted to play the game.

This is all new change in the new version of Granny game.

Granny Apk Asks You For Permission

Photos / Media / Files

                • read the contents of your USB storage
                • Granny game in the modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


                • read the contents of your USB storage
                • Granny game in the modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


                • view network connections
                • full network access
                • prevent device from sleeping

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