Hero Rescue MOD + APK 2022 Latest v1.1.26 [ All Money, Hearts & No Show Ads]

This game is an amazing player. In this, you have to do a lot to protect yourself. This game should help to save the princess. In which the treasure falls when you pull the key and your father becomes happy. We on our site launch Android the latest v1.1.26 of Hero Rescue MOD APK to Information And Use, Unlimited Lives, Gold, Money‌, unlocked.

Hero Rescue MOD APK v1.1.26 Free On Android

Google Play Store  By  Hero Rescue Apk  Size 47.03 MB

You can connect through us to know all the good information of the Hero Rescue MOD APK game. We can easily tell you how to play and use this game. Because we know everything about this game from a long time ago.

On our site Download 2022 Android the latest v1.1.26 of Hero Rescue MOD + APK Hearts to Useful, Unlimited Money, and No Show Ads, unlocked.

The Hero Rescue MOD APK game is offered to you primarily to play the character of a prince. In this, you have to easily drop precious items from the key to develop into a good player. The game has evolved into very simple and intuitive gameplay. The game is a very nice cartoon hero rescue.

The Hero Rescue Mod Apk game challenges Mustique as the most popular puzzle game. By transferring it, you can get your specific substance as required. In the game you must use level jumpers to play. The game gives you very high levels with complex game play. It puts in order for all of you loving players to have positive feelings for their actions.

Introduction To Hero Rescue Mod Apk

We can introduce the Hero Rescue Mod Apk game to all of you because we know a lot about it. And can also suggest easy way to play.

The Hero Rescue MOD APK game was released on 25 March 2020. Super Game Studios are the creators of this game. The category of this game is a Puzzle.

In the Hero Rescue Mod Apk game, you can feel the congratulations with the rescue for reaching. In this you like it very much as a defense game. It is necessary that you help the man in rescuing a great princess. Its latest game requires you to play hero rescue to save the princess and kill the goblins. In this game the protagonist always becomes a rich man. In this, you get precious substance, which makes you an addict to play the maximum level of the game.
This is the main introduction to the Hero Rescue game.

Apk Name Hero Rescue
Apk Current  Version v1.1.26
Apk Updated On 01 July 2022
Apk Downloads Size 47.03 MB
Apk Released On 25 Mer,2020
Apk Category Puzzle
Apk Downloads 10,000,000+ Downloads
Apk Offered By Super Game Studios
Apk Developer By Contacts

How To Get Hero Rescue Mod APK

Google Play Store  By  Hero Rescue Apk  Size 47.03 MB

We can give you the easiest way to get the Hero Rescue Mod APK game. Because we have downloaded this game many times. And you can tell us everything to make it easy for you to download.

To download the unofficial version of the Hero Rescue Mod APK game, you can download it from the link of any website.

Hero Rescue can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to download the official version of the game. In this, you first have to search by typing ‌Hero Rescue in the search box of Google Play Store. Then this game comes in front of you. In this, you see an Installed button. After clicking it, the game starts downloading, after some time the game is downloaded and Installing automatically. This way or that comes in your mobile phone. Hero Rescue can try this easy way to download the official version of the game.

How To Start Or Play Hero Rescue MOD Apk

We can also tell you to play your simple gameplay easily, for the first time to play the Hero Rescue game. We have played it many times. And I can make you play by telling you the same easy way.

When you first start the Hero Rescue MOD Apk game, it comes first to a loading button on your mobile screen, it gives you a START button after the game is 100% complete. The game starts after clicking it. And you can easily play in it.

Hero Rescue In this game you mainly play as an Aamir hero. In which this rich hero is a player. Who acquires precious things to save the princess. And the princess can also have a baby safely. In the game you have to save precious substances from falling into the fireball. And the player is happy to find that precious substance. In this, the key has to be easily pulled to get it safely on the precious.

Hero Rescue MOD Apk You are given a controlled paddle to play this game easily so that you can control the game easily. In this game, when the precious substance is to fall easily, all you have to do is to pull the key backwards with your fingers. When you pull the key backwards, you can safely save the precious substance near you. In this game there is also a fireball on the bottom and top keys. The fireball also falls. After dropping it, you also get a snowball in it, the fire ends by dropping the snowball on top of the fire. Then you can easily find your precious substances by dropping them. In this way, the princess can also be saved in the next level of the game. This is how you can play the game.

Hero Rescue can tilt the game towards the hero in its gameplay. Because it is the simplest mobile screen to control. In this, the hand can begin to play fast. The protagonist in this makes the puzzle game completely challenging in its part. You can only use the key to avoid danger, then you can become the winner of this game. Hero Rescue game can be easily played with game play.

What’s More In The Hero Rescue Mod Apk?

  • Whatever happens in the Hero Rescue Mod Apk game, we can tell you by playing it to the people. This allows you to play with many types of missions. It is highly loved by the man who does not remember hundreds of types of attraction puzzle games. This maintains the distance created by constant obstacles. So that you can start by breaking away from its obstacles.


  • You can play all kinds of levels lost by playing the Hero Rescue game. It consists of levels with a variety of constraints. It seeks the longest as the most innovative defense game to make the most available. Its best games can play to the next level of the game to become effective players. And it gives a chance to improve even more amazing obstacles.


  • Hero Rescue is provided with amazing graphics to play the game. Its landscapes remain extremely beautiful with its realistic graphics. In it you can play all levels of the game easily with simple and intuitive controls. To become the best at it, you can get priceless things by pulling the key from skill development.

What Is The Specialty Of Hero Rescue Apk Mod?
  • Whatever the features of the Hero Rescue game is all that is revealed during play.
  • It invites you to play with friends and other players.
  • In the Hero Rescue game you can try easy types of methods to help your team.
  • In it you are given thousands of fun levels to play.
  • The music and graphics visuals of the Hero Rescue game are beautiful.
  • Hero Rescue Game can play with puzzles to puzzle your way to play your master.
  • Hero Rescue game is always ready, to be awesome.

Hero Rescue is a game that has the features of a group that you are watching.

What’s In The New Version Of Hero Rescue Apk MOD
  • Whatever will be in the new version of the Hero Rescue game will come via update after playing.
  • It comes with a new type of IQ 4 pack.
  • There are 5 other types of levels provided in the sword with the level.
  • Treasure, due to the higher sub-level levels of the Hero Rescue game
  • It has 10 levels, and 10 levels in the tower and 10 levels in the block.
  • In this game one can ask for help from the hero to save the princess.

This is all new in the new version of the Hero Rescue game.

Hero Rescue Apk Mod Asks You For Permission


              • receive data from Internet
              • control vibration
              • view network connections
              • full network access
              • prevent device from sleeping

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