Score! Hero MOD APK 2022 Latest v2.76 [ Unlimited Money & All Energy]

It is an amazing football match. There are always challenging levels in it. It shows the career of the play. You can reach legendary status in this game. A score has to be made on this. We on our site start Android The latest v2.76 of Score Hero MOD APK for Information And Use, Unlimited Money, Lives, Energy.

Score! Hero MOD APK 2.76 Free On Android

Google Play Store  By  Score! Hero Apk   Size 91.54 MB

Score! Hero MOD APK Game 1 is a football game. We will tell you the complete information about this game. We know everything about this game. And will give you the same information.
Score! Hero games go on the journey of an aspiring Score player.
The game features Hero’s play career on challenging and levels.
In this game your status can reach legendary status. In this game you can shoot and score.
This game is a 3D score. Score! Hero games are immersive free. You have the option to control its game play well. The interior of this game is very simple. Nevertheless the player must come up with an effective politics to win. The new participant in this game prefers shot and pass. This makes the player very encouraging.
This game is free to play.

Introduction To Score! Hero Mod Apk

Score! We can introduce Hero games to you. Because we are fully aware of this game. And you can tell people the details of this game.
Score! The Hero game arrived on 19 November 2015. First Touch Gamers Ltd. to make this game Huh. Its category is Sports.
This game is somewhat different than playing football. The concept of which we can find out about the game. Well, you can also turn into a difficulty. The game consists of a series of levels. Its main purpose is very simple and straightforward. You just have to score goals in this game. You must be good. This game observes football moments.
Score! You can play the Hero game with politics. It features amazing graphics, visually cut scenes, and impressive voiceovers that make you feel like a real game. In this game, shots must be twisted into the top corner with precise division through the balls. This puts you in control of an unmatched mobile football experience.
Score! Hero game is a great game. You get this game for free.
This game is an independent form. This is how the game is introduced.

Apk Name Score! Hero
Apk Current  Version v2.76
Apk Updated On 18 May,2022
Apk Downloads Size 91.54 MB
Apk Released On 19 Nov ,2015
Apk Category Sports
Apk Downloads 100,000,000+ Downloads
Apk Offered By First Touch Games Ltd.
Apk Developer By Contacts

How To Get Score! Hero MOD Apk

Google Play Store  By  Score! Hero Apk   Size 91.54 MB

Score! We will tell you about downloading the Hero game. We have downloaded this game many times. And can tell you how to download the same method. Which will make it easier for you.
Score! Hero can download the unofficial form of the game from the link of any website. And if you want to download the official game, then you have to download it from the Google Play Store.
We can tell you about downloading from Google Play Store. First of all you score in the search box of Google Play Store! Hero must do a call search. This game comes in front of you. In this game you see an install button. You have to click the Installed button. This game starts downloading after you click. This game gets downloaded in some time. Then it Installing automatically. After this the game comes in your mobile phone. This way you score! Hero can download the game.

How To Start Or Play Score! Hero Mod Apk

Score! We will tell you how to play Hero games. Because we have played this game many times. You will tell people the same way. Which will make it easier for you to play this game.
Score! When you start the Hero game, there is a red play button in it. Which you have to click. Then it is followed by another green colored button. This button also has to be clicked. This game starts after clicking. And players start coming on the field.
For the gameplay of this game, you can just use your Umri. And can control to throw the ball with feet. Unless there is a goal. You can also play the ball by making a pass to the selected player. You can do it to fail the cell by walking on it. Can make a non-stop free kick on the wall to make the goalkeeper flawless.

It is very simple mechanical to play. You can manually transfer your feed into the field. For this you should only pass the ball to your team. You can score goals directly in this game. You should just do that your goal should be one somewhere else.
Score! The main challenge in the Hero game is that the right strategy should be devised to score goals. And in this game you should always answer your opponent in tricks. And do everything they can to prevent the team from scoring goals. And you find yourself playing at the same level again and again.

What’s More In The Score! Hero Mod Apk

  • Score! Whatever else is there in Hero game, we can tell you people .Score! Hero claims an impressive 3D presentation of the game in the game. Which is acclaimed with amazing cut scenes before and after each round. The animation provides a great support to the compelling plot. In which this game has been introduced.Provides the game access to world score mode. Which takes you to another tournament. The game, which was not yet part of the main storyline, allows you to compete with your friends. You can compete with your friends by adding Facebook account.


  • Score! Hero Game Hero is a football game after playing any moment.
    The movement of the player is smooth smooth. At his challenging level, the protagonist discovers Khesari’s play career. Cleans your way to legendary status, suits and scores.
    This game always ends up improperly, cosmic energy. The technical aspect is generated. The stadium, drawing fans, all teams are excellent. Does not disappoint even with music and sound. This game definitely makes photo out and puzzle fans happy


  • This game has interesting concepts. And the second score in this! Hero games also have some downsides. Each level ranges from 1 to 3. In this game, the game does not mention anything about your specific goal until you can clear the actual level. You have no choice left after starting the honor level again. Score! Hero games are a really interesting game. Which you can definitely play.

What Is The Specialty Of  Score! Hero Apk

  • This game participates in regular events for medals and glory.
  • New Score Hero game in Engine that allows more freedom and strategic play than ever before.
  • Simple to master, hard to play.
  • Stunning 3D graphics, cut scenes and animations.
  • Sync progress between 60 cloud devices.
  • Who’s on top to see achievements and leader board.
  • Intelligent AI prepares you to do dice, and each game separately.
  • Allow your hero to feel in this game.
  • Score! Hero game in More than 700 levels and counting.
  • Can join Facebook to compete against your friends.
  • Aging Story Your entire career as a player and more.
  • Score! What has come in the new game of Hero Game.

What’s In The New Version Of Score! Hero MOD APK

  • Bug fixes.
  • New Level Season 35 Released.
  • Vent Advent Hero’s limited-time event available.
  • Score! Currency has also come in the Hero game.
  • 3D animation has arrived.
  • Everything has changed in the new version of this game.

Score! Hero Mod Apk Asks You For Permission

Wi-Fi connection information

                      • view Wi-Fi connections


                      • receive data from Internet
                      • view network connections
                      • full network access
                      • control Near Field Communication
                      • control vibration
                      • prevent device from sleeping
                      • Google Play license check

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